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What to Expect for Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning helps you identify, prioritize, and achieve your financial goals.  Your CFP® professional will collaborate with you so that all of the puzzle pieces of your financial life are in order, optimized, and working together.  Our aim is to guide you in wise stewardship which leads to peace of mind that you are on the right path to building a solid foundation for you and your family.     

The overview below is a high-level view of the steps to our Planning Process for Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning.   Our goal is to provide a clear roadmap that is easy to understand and follow.  After we receive your financial data, the planning process normally takes four to eight weeks.  After the plan is delivered, we continue to meet once every 3 months to help you implement the planning recommendations, monitor progress, and update your plan annually.  This gives you time to process what we share with you and for us both to complete your planning recommendations.  As always, we are available for questions each step of the way.

We work with clients who value our professional guidance and appreciate that they are not alone in making life's difficult financial decisions.  


planning processBefore our planning process begins, there is an Introductory Meeting.   On this call we discuss what you need help with, your areas of concern, and what is important to you.   We seek to understand your personal and financial circumstances and we share our planning process and fee structure.  We mutually decide whether to proceed to the next step.  15 - 30  minute phone call or Zoom

Step One:  Complimentary Get Acquainted/Discovery Meeting – We take a deeper dive into your financial life and specifically discuss what you are trying to accomplish, your personal and financial goals, and any challenges you are facing.  Your questions are answered and we identify areas where our professional expertise can improve your financial future.  60 - 90 minutes

At the end of this meeting, if we both mutually agree, we define the scope of the planning work and the cost to help you.

When you decide to become a client, you will receive our firm’s disclosures (Form ADV Part 2A and Supplement ADV Part 2B), Privacy Policy, Payment Instructions, and Client Agreements for signatures.  Please read and review these documents and highlight any areas that you have questions on.  These documents are important as they lay out the roles and responsibilities for each of us in the planning engagement. 

Step 2:  Get Started Meeting! – We identify and select which goals are the most important to you and clarify that we understand your objectives, goals, and  concerns.  Your initial financial data is reviewed and we collect any additional data needed to assess your financial status on a deeper level.  Together we will collaborate to organize your financial paperwork or files.  If desired, we will set up online tools to link your financial accounts and store your financial documents in our secure client vault .   60 - 90 minutes

Step 3:  Assess and Explore Strategy Session - Your  current course of action is reviewed, and we consider alternative plans.  We review initial plan projections, get your feedback, set priorities, and discuss any modifications that might be needed.  60 minutes

Step 4:  Financial Plan Development - Behind the scenes, your CFP® professional further analyzes and examines all aspects of your financial life based on prior meetings with you.  We will then develop specific planning recommendations in the areas of retirement planning, investment analysis, cash flow management, debt and tax minimization, risk management, estate planning, and education funding if needed.  (Please view Planning Areas to see the questions that may be addressed in each component of the Comprehensive Financial Plan.)  Time varies with client complexity.

Step 5:  Plan Presentation - Actionable planning recommendations are presented to you and ranked by order of importance.  We discuss how each recommendation helps you reach your financial goals and objectives.  60 minutes

Step 6:  Implementation Meetings for the Planning Recommendations - We discuss who has implementation responsibilities for each recommendation.  Our goal is to simplify your life and take some of the burden off of your shoulders in the implementation process. These meetings typically occur every 3 months in the first year.  In Year 2 and beyond, we will agree to a mutual meeting frequency.   Typically 2-3 meetings as needed.  

Step 7:  Monitor Progress, Adjust, and Update - As your life changes, we will review your financial plan and update it once a year.  We will meet with you to monitor your progress, adjust if necessary, and serve as a trusted resource for helping you meet your financial goals.  Typically 60 minutes at least once per year.

The things in our life that are priceless need time, space, and focus.  We are certain that you will find Financial Planning valuable in reaching your financial goals.  

It is our hope that our guidance will help propel you towards a life of financial stewardship, financial wisdom, and financial peace.