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Why should I choose Waymaker Financial Planning to help me?

Life is busy and with all the financial choices to sort through, it can feel overwhelming.  Our aim is to provide clarity and help you take the next right step in reaching your financial goals.  We promise to be with you each step of the way and to be a trusted sounding board for the important decisions you are facing.

Our business is not transaction based.  We serve our clients as a Fee-Only Fiduciary which simply means that we place your interests first, always.  We don't accept sales related compensation and we are not incentivized to recommend one product over another.  Our clients pay for the guidance we provide, and our fees are disclosed in writing before any work begins.

Why is it important to you to do this type of work?

We believe that everyone needs to have access to sound financial advice. Stewarding money well impacts all aspects of our lives, and we want you to experience the peace that comes with that.  Our fee structure is reasonable and transparent, so that everyone who is serious about making financial progress can get the help they need once they engage with us.

Through Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning, we build long-term relationships with our clients and spend the time necessary to fully understand their personal story, financial goals, challenges, dreams, and concerns before offering solutions.

How do I know if I will work well with you?

This is important! There must be mutual compatibility and trust between us. Before entering into a client agreement with Waymaker Financial Planning, we will get to know one another in two separate conversations. The first is a 15 - 30 minute Introductory Call where you share a little about your current financial questions/concerns and I share my background and experience as a CFP®.

If we mutually agree and there seems to be a fit, we will set up a Complimentary Discovery Meeting. In this meeting we will spend 60-90 minutes together to take a deeper look into understanding your personal story, financial goals, and concerns. You will have plenty of the time to ask me questions, and I will share with you the ways my experience as a CFP® can benefit you.  We will discuss the pricing for services based on your needs once we mutually agree to work together.

Does Waymaker Financial Planning act as a Fiduciary?

Yes, we are Fiduciaries at ALL times.  As a Fee-Only Financial Planning firm and as a  Certified Financial Planner™, we are bound to a Fiduciary Oath which is the highest standard of care. As a Fiduciary, we place the client’s interest first.  It sounds simple, but very few financial professionals work as a Fiduciary.  See our Fiduciary Oath for what this means to you. 

What is the minimum account size needed to engage in Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning?

We don’t require a certain asset size or net worth to work with us.  As a Financial Planning client, the fee is determined by the scope of services, the complexity of your financial situation, and the approximate number of hours we expect to spend helping you.  Please visit Services and Fees.

You will receive a proposal at the end of our second meeting together which outlines the service that meets your needs the best.

How come other advisors don’t charge me for Financial Planning Advice?

Wouldn’t you find it odd if your CPA or Doctor didn’t request payment for service? Professionals get paid for the work they do.  Many times fees and commissions are buried;  the planning advice is called "free" and therefore not disclosed in writing to the client.

At Waymaker Financial Planning, we are transparent in our pricing.  All planning and investment management fees, if applicable, are disclosed in writing before work begins and are also listed on your TD Ameritrade account statements.  We firmly believe that we provide excellent value for the work we do. 

Do I have to move my investments to you?

No, you do not. For clients who would like us to manage their portfolios, we do offer Investment Management as an optional service.  

What is your investment philosophy?

We believe in helping you choose a strategy that is right for you and is based on your long-term goals. Our aim is to provide consistent returns while minimizing risk as much as possible. 

Investment performance will always vary in the short run, and we will make sure that you understand this before investing. Our job is to help our clients stay the course over the long run and not make unwise decisions based on emotions.

We design and manage portfolios based on using decades of academic research.  There are thousands of investments to choose from and we sift through all of them to find which ones are best suited for you. Our goal is to increase the reliability of investment outcomes for our clients so that they achieve their long-term goals.  Please see Investment Management for more information.

Do I have to live in Fort Worth, Texas to work with you? Can you work with me virtually?

In an ideal world, we would love to meet all of our clients face-to--face and we strive to make that happen as much as possible. But we understand that many clients refer their family and friends and sometimes they don’t live in Texas. For these clients, we are happy to meet virtually, and we have all of our processes set up so that it is seamless. We can even help you with the technology as well! If you live in Fort Worth and would prefer to work virtually, please indicate this in our initial discussions together.

Where are my investments held if I engage in Investment Management Services?

We partner with Charles Schwab and SEI to hold and safeguard client assets once they engage in Investment Management Services.  You have access to your accounts online and you will receive quarterly account statements and yearly tax forms.  Of course, we are always available to help you with your account.