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Michelle Vargas, CFP®


Michelle Vargas, Certified Financial Planner™ is the President of Waymaker Financial Planning, a Fee-Only firm that provides transparent and accessible financial guidance. She enjoys helping clients navigate and plan all aspects of their financial life so that they will worry less about their future and free up more time to spend doing what they love.

After earning a degree in Finance from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in 1990, she moved to Florida and started her career with Harcourt Brace Publishing.   Her journey into personal finance began when she signed up for her 401K and wanted to learn about additional options to plan for retirement.  This eventually led to working as a financial advisor and completing the extensive education requirements for becoming a CFP® in 1998. 

She believes her experience as a young professional searching for unbiased advice enables her to better serve Gen XY professionals because she remembers what it was like being in their shoes.   As a former homeschool parent and the wife of a federal employee, she is passionate about helping women, homeschool families, and federal workers plan wisely for a comfortable financial future.

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking in Colorado, barbecuing with family, and working in her garden.

What It's Like to Work with Us

We don't expect you to be perfect!

We strive to create an open, nonjudgmental space where you can share your concerns and worries without feeling uneasy.  Managing your money is a huge responsibility, and we value the opportunity to take some of the responsibility off your shoulders and make your life easier.

We understand what it is like to have competing priorities.  

Our lives are full and pull us in multiple directions.  Resources are not unlimited.  We understand what it's like to have competing priorities like accelerating the paying off of your mortgage, planning for retirement, and getting your children through college.  Sometimes we make decisions due to a calling from God that not everyone agrees with.   Through a place of understanding, we will help you navigate through these multiple priorities and give you action steps to help you reach your goals and stay true to your values. 

We strive to exceed your expectations every day.

While our efforts will be focused on helping you achieve your objectives, our ultimate goal is for you to surpass them. After all, you’re investing time, money, and energy into working with us, and we want to make sure you’re getting maximum value out of our relationship. Throughout our time together, we’ll be constantly looking for new ways to get you closer to where you want to be.

We want to hear your story and what is important to you.  Here is a little of ours.

On a personal level, faith and family are very important to me.  In 1989, I married my college sweetheart, Rod.  We have a precious son, Andrew, who was homeschooled through high school.   Andrew is a gifted classical pianist and recently completed his first year at Texas Christian University as a Nordan Young Artist.  

Our life  is not perfect.  We have experienced beautiful moments together as a family and some really difficult ones.  Through God's grace we endure and press on.  The name Waymaker Financial Planning acknowledges and reminds me of God's sovereignty and that He can make a way when things seem impossible.   

As a former homeschool parent and leader, I have mentored many families, support groups, and homeschool communities.  These relationships have been rich and rewarding.  In this next season of my life as a business owner and President of Waymaker Financial Planning, I am circling back to my role as a CFP®.   I see the mentoring process continuing as I help you navigate the path to overcome challenges and reach your financial goals.  My advice will always come from a place that will honor your values, strengthen your family, and provide direction for your future.   

So, that's some of my story.  I look forward to hearing yours and earning your trust.